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Welcome to the brand new Option Millionaires community! Now, you have the ability to interact more easily and make your opinions known throughout the site. Here's some FAQ to get your started. If you don't see your answer here, please post your queries to the WebMaster Group or contact us.

Member Profiles

Community Activity and Interaction

Discussion Groups

How do I add to or edit my profile?
Hover over your name located in the top right corner of the toolbar of every single page and click the Edit Profile tab. This brings you to your profile page. You can click to view your profile or to edit it. There are two separate portions to your profile: Basic and Trading. You will need to click on the appropriate tab to edit or add to the fields inside. Feel free to fill in as much or little information as desired in the fields within these two categories. Any fields left blank will not be visible. All fields are editable with the exception of the username which is displayed by your avatar. Make sure to click the Save button after making your changes. If you really need to change your username, please contact support for help.

What information is located within my profile page?
You'll notice your avatar and username with your most recent activity status update posted beneath your username. You will also several tabs beneath. On this page you will be able to view and edit your profile, view and update personal activity, access and respond to all notifications and messages, compose a new message or update your status, and see a listing of all of your friends and groups you are a part of. NOTE: You can access everything related to your personal profile and activity within the dropdown menu underneath your name at the top right hand corner of every page.

Who can see my profile? Can I edit which parts they can see?
All members can view your profile. However, you can select which profile fields are visible to all members, friends only, or only you. Of course, you also always have the option to leave a profile field blank. Feel free to use a nickname for the Name field if you do not want your real name displayed.

How do I manage my membership subscriptions and features?
To upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account simply click on the Membership Management page located under the Membership tab. If you have any questions or concerns, contact support. **SMS users: If you didn't sign up for SMS during registration or you would like to edit your number, please contact support.

What is the difference between the main activity tab and the activity listed under a member's name?
Click on the Activity Tab under Community to view all site-wide activity. If you are logged in, you will see all recent post updates, comments on blog posts, and other member activity. If you are not logged in, you will see only activities that are freely available on the site. You can also click Favorite by any activity and it will be listed within your Favorite's tab on both the Activity Page and your Profile Page.

To a view a selected member's activity, simply click on that member's name from the Members list. If you click on your profile page or the Activity tab located under the drop-down menu from your profile in the top toolbar you will see only your personal activity.

How can I interact with other members?
Click on the Members tab and choose which member you would like to view. You can view members alphabetically, recently active, or recently joined. When you click on a member's name you will be taken to their profile page where you can view their profile, view and comment on their activity, send them a private message, or mention them by clicking the Public Message button. You can always easily mention a member when you post an activity update or message by simply adding the @ symbol in front of their username within your post or comment. You will see a blue circle with a number by your name in the upper right corner of the screen whenever you have a message or notification from a member. You will also receive an email whenever someone mentions you, private messages you, or requests or accepts a friend invitation.

Why can't I view some activity?
Certain groups and blog posts are only accessible at Silver, Gold, or Diamond level memberships. These activity updates will only be visible to people with those memberships. Only logged in members can view other member profiles. If you feel that there is an error with your membership level, please contact support for help.

Who can view my activity?
All activity is visible to all members. So, other members can see when you comment on a post or group or post a status update. If you comment within a specific membership group, only other members with that same membership level will be able to see your activity. While non logged in viewers can view basic activity, they will not be able to view your profile or click to see more of any membership specific posts or groups.

What is a Group and where are the forums?
Discussion groups are in essence a replacement of the forums. We felt that these groups would be better integrated with the main site and allow for better overall interaction. You can still access old forum posts by clicking on the Forums tab under Archive. There are several main discussion groups based on the original forum threads. You can view all groups by clicking on the Groups tab under Community in the main menu. You will then have the option to join a group, post to that group discussion and comment on other posts within that group.

What Groups can I access?
All groups have the required membership level listed within the description. Most groups are for Silver Members and above while some groups are free and others are available for higher levels of membership.

Can I create a group?
Silver members and above can create groups. Simply click the Create Group button beside the Group Page title and follow the steps given. You can edit your group settings and details at any time. After creating the group you will be given the option to invite your friends to this group. As the group admin, you can delete your group at any time.

Can I add images or HTML tags to Group Posts?
Yes! You can simply use one of the easy upload icons for adding images, videos, or links. If you want to style your text or add other HTML elements view this Full Guide.

How do I leave a group?
Simply select the Leave Group option when inside of the group itself or beside the group name on the main Group page.

I have a different question that is not listed here.
Post your question to the Webmaster Group or contact support for help.