4th of July Promotional Offer

Happy 4th of July! 

Here is your chance to check out the best Option Trading Community on the Web. This holiday  we have a limited trial and promotional offer with special pricing - for details send an email to optionmillionaires@gmail.com with "4th of July' in the header.

Some reasons to check us out:

  • The best trading chatroom out there, filled with like minded folks sharing ideas, news, charts, and everything else traders talk about.
  • Daily watchlists, market videos, earnings slides, individual stock due diligence
  • Private Twitter feeds with trade ideas, entries, exits, and commentary
  • Huge video archive covering everything from basic option trading to spreads and more complex strategies
  • The Crazy trades - trading options is extremely risky, but with that high risk comes the possibility of some very high reward trades, and we have a history of finding them.. one of the nasty trades:  https://www.optionmillionaires.com/netflix-nflx-why-we-trade-options-follow-up/ - would say this is old but folks in the community would say this is not an anomaly... ie. OPEN is another : https://www.optionmillionaires.com/opentable-open-trade-options/ (and there are many others)

The OM community is a great place for traders, new and old, to learn and continue to refine their trading skills and strategies, and hopefully profit from it.

Our chatroom is filled with traders sharing news, ideas, and suggestions as well as supporting each other. The moderators post their trades in the Chatroom as well, while also sharing them on their private twitter feed : https://www.optionmillionaires.com/2013/optionmillionaires-private-twitter-access/

We also host a Weekly "Week Ahead Webinar", have educational Webinars, and  a huge archive of videos covering option strategies for novice and veteran traders.

We are not a trade service 'per se', but you can surely follow the trades. We are also not registered investment advisors - everyone will have their own risk tolerance, financial goals, account balances, ect. -  each person is different.  We try our best to post our trade ideas via public channels like Twitter ($TWTR), Stocktwits, and other venues, but we do miss quite a few... the best way to get them all in real-time is via our chatroom and private twitter feed ( https://www.optionmillionaires.com/subscribe/membership-management/ )

Come check us out to see for yourself... 15 days is plenty of time to find out if the community is for you...

Hope to see your soon and Have a Happy 4th of July!



JimmyBob (Scott)has been trading equities for over 15 years, a majority of which were OTC micro-cap stocks. He started trading high risk stock options over the past 7 years, and has proven winning trades in excess of 15,000%.

As one of the Co-Founders of optionmillionaires.com, Scott enjoys sharing his knowledge with other investors through timely blog posts, daily watch lists in the forum, weekly webinars, and helpful advice within the chatroom.

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