FSLR A Prime Example Of Why You Come To Option Millionaires

On Monday Night, with FSLR sitting at its worse price per share in its history and the shorts salivating at further declines I called for a bounce.  I even put my money where my mouth is and bought the $22 and $23 calls.

I wrote:  http://www.optionmillionaires.com/2012/fslr-a-few-more-flops-before-it-dies/

That circle in the chart is the price when I wrote about FLSR on Monday.



To put the call I made on Monday in perspective, the $22 calls were at $.19 and the $23 calls were at $.10 for FSLR.

Today those $23 calls hit $1.21.   $.10 to $1.21 over a 1,000% gain.  $100 into $1,210

The $22 calls hit $2.03 today from $.19, a ten bagger as well.  $190 into $2,003

There was ample time to get these calls yesterday after the open at $.10 and $.19, as the FSLR shorts tried to take the stock under $20 twice but failed.  We, however, succeeded and locked in some huge profits on FSLR.  I even bought the $21 calls for good measure yesterday and posted in the chat room.  I bought 10 for a price of $.37.    Today those calls hit $2.88 for a huge profit.  An initial $370 buy ( I don't buy more than $500 in an OTM call/put) to $2,880.  Not bad for doing nothing but following your own instinct.  I hope you followed as well.  If not maybe next time.


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