$X Marks The Spot

A few weeks ago I was busy highlighting how its not Just Options at optionmillionaires.com .  We do trade, analyze, and love options here, but we also know a good long when we see one.  Usually we are buying short term calls on that stock, and with any luck those options are sold later on for a profit.  Which brings me to $X - U.S. Steel.

My chart from earlier this year in the $27's, the stock is now over $44.

Options are high risk/ high reward, but as I've stated before, we aren't just stock options.

Last Spring I was watching in eager anticipation as U.S. Steel began trading out from under the $20 depths.  This formerly $150+ stock, just prior to the financial crisis, was back to the crash lows and looking rather weak.  This is a stock investors love to love and love to hate.   As it approached long term resistance I knew the odds for a sharp rally were great.  I've watched and traded this stock through its love and hatefests.

It was then I penned this post.

Just days prior I posted this on Stocktwits, the foremost site for sharing trading ideas, charts, and my radical thoughts.

The break of long term resistance proved to be a catapult for the stock.  It has vaulted over $44 a share, and with continued momentum this could be a $50+ stock in the coming months.


$X indeed marked the spot for profits for anyone who went long at the long term trendline break.  The options worked great and going long the stock has returned over 98% over the last 52 weeks and over 60% since the trendline break.

I am not the perfect trader.  I've had many losing trades, but it's nice every once in a while to see a stock move exactly how you think it will.

Join us in the chat room at optionmillionaires.com where its Not Just Options!  It's all about making money trading stocks.

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