Whole Foods Testing Support and Record Short Interest

If there was a time for Whole Foods to plunge to new lows, this would be it.  The stock is still mired in a sell off.  It looks weak.   Each rip and attempt at $40 is met with heavy selling pressure.  It seems like a stock no one wants to buy.  So why did I buy the calls today?

I believe $WFM is in the early stages of a move that will take the stock back over $50.  This will be a similar run to $X and $BIG.   Both stocks rallied over 50% earlier this year after I mentioned them, and I think $WFM is the next stock to have such a move.

My $X calls

My $BIG calls

$WFM from a chart perspective has bottomed.  I also think it has what activist investors are looking for.  Back when $NFLX was at $53 we saw the same value.  Also $AAPL at recent lows.

Carl Icahn Went long both stocks.  They have worked out great since.

$WFM has record short interest.


The shorts are betting with their wallet that $WFM has further downside.  If $WFM has indeed bottomed, we could see a strong move off current levels, and much of the buying pressure will be supplied by surrendering shorts.

We shall see.  I think the shorts have $WFM wrong.  They think they have $WFM right.   That's the great thing about this market.

Good luck to my calls.  According to the shorts, I'm going to need it.

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