The Week Behind

Every Sunday we host a live webinar called the week ahead.  In it we highlight stocks, events, themes to watch for in the coming week.  Tonight let's look back at the first full week of 2015.

This Sunday Tune in to the Week Ahead, right now lets look at The Week Behind:

$PCLN puts for 2,800%

$BITA calls go 1,800%

The private twitter handle threw out some amazing winners to start off 2015.  This week $BITA and $PCLN came through with some enormous potential gains.

The great thing so far about 2015, is that stocks aren't all moving in unison.  While the market was in recovery mode later this week $PCLN continued to plunge lower.

JB was all over the weakness in $PCLN via the private twitter account:

next was $BITA, a stock highlighted on the twitter account were up over 1,800% from the price last week.

Those called soared over $9.00 today as the stock moved over $90 a share.

$TWTR and $FEYE shook off a rocky week to end strong.  Both paid out handsomely to the call buyers.  These are two stocks to watch in 2015.

$CAT weakness continued to work early in the week with the stock nearing the $85 handle.

My $GOOGL calls got clobbered as a wave of selling was met with analyst downgrades and price tgt cuts.  I wish they could all be winning trades, but you have to dust yourself off and learn from your mistakes.  I'm still too  stubborn....


Here is some of the comments from the chat room earlier this week:

[12:33 PM] arg uranium-pinto-beans: Sold my last 3 CAT 90P @ 4.60 from .43--Thanks UPB!! Great call

[12:24 PM] dweisbergnh: out TLT 131wc @ 1.90 from 1.07

[12:19 PM] louis631: glad you sold PCLN JB... just the kick in the pants I needed to finally sell. out at 12.20 from 1.15 yesterday. thanks for that great call JB!!

Jimmybob: Out half $PCLN 1050 puts @ 5.25 avg from .60

retiredMM: nflx sold bal of puts @ $4.50 cost .81

stocksaarohi: thank you JB - one of best trade for 2015 for me sold 2 PCLN 1075 calls from 1.30 to 13.00 each - great start to 2015 - JB Rocks!

$TWTR worked in the chat room as well

2015-01-09 02:48:45 PM lollo jimmybob out .7 cost .2 TWTR 39.5
2015-01-09 02:49:19 PM crackedtooth 1.10 out my last 39 TWTR calls from .14
2015-01-09 02:28:18 PM arg TWTR out at .32 from .13--done

If the first full week of 2015 is an indication of what the rest of the year will be.... it's setting up for an excellent year.

This time last year $NUS was setting up to be one of the best trades of 2014:    Flashback Friday: This time last year I was buying $130 puts in anticipation of a sharp move lower  

The Week Behind

Indecision is how I would describe the first full week of 2015.  It makes for great short term trading opportunities , but these sharp reversals and gap opens aren't for the weak of heart.


Next week:

The second full week of 2015 should be just as exciting as this week.  We have earnings season kicking off, more drama out of the Eurozone, and continued potential for stocks to move in a dramatic fashion.   This is great environment for stock options.

Have a great weekend.  Below is the link for this weekends live week ahead webinar.  I will also have a video this weekend looking at charts, and earnings for the coming week that will be posted sometime after the Cowboy loss this Sunday.

The Week Ahead Live Webinar Access Link

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