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Hi Folks,

I've been working on two webinars simultaneously.  The first one, "Bottom Fishing For The Next Winner - Big Bases" this Thursday night, should appeal to our right brained members.  Bottom fishing is a tough game to play, as you are normally trying to find life in stocks which people have hated for years (think tech stocks after 2000). This webinar will show you one way how to find that hated stock which is about to come back to life and break out to the upside!

Registration link for "Bottom Fishing For The Next Winner - Big Bases" [Thursday, February 12: 7-8PM EST]

The second webinar will appeal to those more mathematically inclined, and for those who love using indicators.   One of the best ways to get an "edge" over others in the trading arena is to have an indicator which nobody else has. The indicator, however, has to be useful. The process to create a useful indicator takes a lot of time, effort, and thought. This webinar will show you the process you should go through if you ever decide to take on the challenge.

Note: While I always want the webinars to be fun, this one may be a bit of a grind. Spreadsheets and formulas will be used. There, I warned you!

Registration link for "How To Construct Your Own Indicators" [Sunday, February 15: 7-8PM EST]


Hope to see you there!

~Chris D, CMT


Metrotrader (D) is one of the few practicing CMTs (Chartered Market Technicians) in the United States . The CMT certifies his knowledge of market timing and risk management approaches. He tends to look for broad market moves and take advantage of them with index funds. The strategy he principally uses is mostly quantitative, and, tested, and has avoided or capitalized on every major recession since the 1940s. He says the best way to make money is to avoid losing it in the first place.

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  1. You may want to give some pre-Valentines Day and post-Valentines Day love advice to spice up your webinars. I mean, pretty strategic timing.

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