Top Weekend Reads

Top Weekend Reads

The Perils of Globalization

Two Centuries of Momentum

U.S. Richer Than Ever

Nifty Fifty

Do What You Love

Buybacks Demstyfied

New Top Dog

Italy Negative

Risk Happens

China Gloom

FED Hawks European Doves


and all the reads from earlier this week:

Stock futures rally

Paid No Taxes

Going the Wrong Way

See this Chart

Short Circuit

Five Things That Keep Them Up

The Ma

Exports at 2009 Low

ny Faces of Mario Draghi

Oil Bottom?

and more

Five Things to Start Your Day

China To Ease Debt Burden

Here is What You Are Missing

Deeper Negative

Negative Interest Rate Risks

Cut Rates Expend QE

Learn From The News

Futures Spike on ECB Stimulus

The Power Of Options

and more....

The Line in The Sand

Sober Up

Seven Years Ago Today

Stock Futures Rebound

Short the Euro?

What Were You Buying?

Stocks Not as Good Next 7 Years

Price Tag On Oil Drillers

Happy Birthday Now Write Your Will

Energy Rally Over?


and more....

Ore Rallies

Get Short?

China Reality Check

5 Things You Should Know

American Dream Alive and Well

Americans are Crazy

Banking Crisis?

Gold Is Back


and more.....

The Power of Options

Oil Rout Over?

Market Meltdown?

Asia Hits Two Month High

Iron Ore Goes Beserk

No Room For Error

Must Read

A Weed Exchange

Big Short

The New Danger

and more.......

Central Bank Withdraws Most in Years

Brazil Latest

Junk is in Fashion

FED Hike Coming?

Get Paranoid


Index Fund?

Payrolls Surge - Wages Drop

Ramble On

Mad Men Vs Google


It's Getting Worse Day by Day

ECB Boost that Won't Hurt Banks

2008 Again?

Lawless Markets

Home Flipping Bubble?

Ramble On!

U.S. Never Better?

Global Economic Stabilization?

Get Over It

Augmented Reality Headset?


and more.....

New Economic Strategy?

Crippling Debt

What Happens Next

Market Moves

Brexit Risk?

Buy Back Billions

ECB Says To Diversify

Redness Relief

Food Stamps


And More....


Futures Rise on Hopes

It's Not All About Tech

Treasuring Questions

Dimon Q&A

7 Trades to Watch

Wild Year for the Stock Market

Rise and Fall of a Hedge Fund King

Today's Watchlist

10 More Reads

and More.....

China Cuts Reserves

Euro-Area Consumer Prices Fall

Big Banks Blasted

Gold The Big Winner

Futures Lower

World Debt Alarmingly High

Nerves Remain Frayed

China Boosts Support

Buffett Buys

$40 is the New $70


Market Outlook

Growth Revised Higher

Expanding at A Faster Pace

When Failure is Good

The Usual Suspects

Sexual References

Rally Time

$10 Million Super Computer

What Hedge Funds Get Right

Apple Not Fast or Easy

Gold Crowded?



and more...

Good Morning

Central Bank Blame


Mobile Upends Google

Morning Charts

Flash Boys

Search For Yield

Morning Watchlist

Explain This

Global Recession

10 Reads

A Bottom - Not The Bottom

Fear the Brexit

Unusual Suspects

JPM To Lose $3 Billion?

Buffett Trouncing Icahn

Applications Down

Today's Watchlist

Morning Charts

Oil Fell This Far?

Recovering Housing Market Helped Sales?

When Does The S&P500 Look Cheap?

Facebook and Google Reason for Record Ad Spending?

Buy These Stocks?

Pre-Crisis Growth Not Here

Earnings Charts

How To Carry $1 Million Cash

Gold Bulls

Market Outlook

Five Things

Playing the VIX?

Too Much Meat?


Big Banks CEO's Always Win

Monetary Tightening

Slowdown Not Over Yet?

Health Care Bargains

Lumber Liquidated Again

Weak Bargaining

Stock Rout Helping the Rich

Global Economy To Pickup?

Facebook Virtual Reality

Market More Volatile?

Gradual Increase

Emerging Markets Path

New Bond Rules

Facebook Failed Sales Pitch

New Airlines Grow

China Car Sales Rise

Apple Privacy Fight

Next Mobile Revolution Around the Corner

Oh Deere

Gold Bulls?



A Cold Winter on Assets

 Not Worried

Central Bank Stockpiling Guns

Pound Soars

Negative Interest Rates Dangerous

Five Things

Trader Talk

Oil Risks

Biggest 3 Day Rise

Investors Gone Bonkers

Short Term Rebound

Shopify Surges

Business is Cratering

Kill the $100 Bill

Activists Wary of the Banks

Stock Futures Rally Again

Online Subscription Prices to Rise?

Outlook and Watchlist

The Big Long

IPO Chill Turns Into Freeze?

Is a Bottom Near?

Europe Rallies

Frightening Future for European Banks

China Supports Growth

Negative Returns

Loving LinkedIn Was Wrong

Terrible after 6 Weeks

China Stock Trading Halls

Earnings Charts

Earnings Breakdown

Market Outlook Video

Stock Futures Up

Over Reacting?

Murderous Markets

5 Things

Rate Hikes?

Closing the Loophole

LinkenIn Ooops

Just Chill

Ta-too Revolution

Global Bear Market



Can Twitter Save Itself?

Global Rout Worth Celebrating

Oil Takes Another Leg Lower

Domino Effect

Economy Has Voted Already

Morning Charts

European Rout Continues

Worse Than 2015?

FED Sparks Concern

PESO Below!

Insider Buying Up?

Twitter Change

Watching China

Oil To Rise By End of Year?

Goldman Hiring Spree?

China Looks Expensive

Gender Score

Morgan Stanley Cuts

Taking it Slow


DB is Rock Solid?

Stocks Resume Sell-off

Global Stocks Hit the Rocks

The Joking Economist

Not So Liquid?

Sub $20 Oil?

Buy Stocks Now?

Worsening Oil Glut

DB At 40% of Net Value

Market Outlook/Recap

Domino Effect

Tech Bubble Burst?

Sell Hong Kong?

Tech: More Room To Tumble?

Real Lessons of the Crisis

Apple's Next Big Thing

Currency Traders a Dying Breed?

Piling into OIL?

Thoughts On Where the Market is Headed

Japan Falling


Bull and Bear Flags

Morning Charts

Premium Content

Earnings Playbook

Morning Watchlist

Earnings Breakdown

The Week Ahead



Today's Trade Ideas

Watchlist I

Trade Ideas I

2016 Predictions

2016 Predictions

2015 Year In Review

2015 Prediction Check

Part I

Part II

Part III

Top Moves and Reads of 2015

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