The Egg Or The Chicken?

The question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, is an age-old philosophical conundrum. In biological terms, chickens evolved from earlier bird species through a gradual process of genetic mutations and natural selection. These genetic changes accumulated over generations until a distinct chicken species emerged.

From a scientific perspective, the answer would be that the egg came first. The evolutionary changes that led to the first true chicken would have occurred within the genetic material of its ancestors, which would have been present in the egg. So, in this sense, the egg containing the first chicken would have come before the chicken itself.

Therefore, the egg is considered the precursor to the first chicken, carrying the genetic information that led to the emergence of the chicken as a separate species.

Yes the proverbial... what came first the Chicken or the Egg?

Has that ever been truly answered? We can apply a similar logic the 40+ year high inflation we've seen recently. What is going to come first in the move lower for inflation.

I'd say the answer is a little easier than the Chicken or the egg. Its producer prices.


The issue I see: will prices fall in a similar way for the consumer?

Will corporations be keen on passing on lower producer prices to the consumer? Or will it just help grow their profit margins? If wages remain high, and consumer demand remains strong.... why would prices be lowered for the consumer? They won't

That would be a boon for corporate profits. Lower costs while selling prices remain stable = more profits.

We are already seeing input costs rolling over. Look no further than agriculture. Wheat, Corn, Soybean all rolling over. Crude oil as well.


This is a positive for the economy as long as demand remains strong.


This is why the stock market remains so strong.

Money supply is shrinking a little, after such a massive expansion. But money supply is still strong, and as the rate hike cycle ends, expect that money supply shrinkage to abate.

Lower prices after such a massive explosion higher, is good for the economy. After 10+ years of no inflation came an inflationary event we havent seen in over 40 years. With prices rolling over, we could be at the early stages of a resumption of the low price trend of the 2010's.

It was the pandemic, massive COVID related stimulus, and supply chain issues that sparked this inflationary event. Just like the 207 housing crisis. It will be good news down the road. Even the banks werent expecting such a rapid increase in prices. Just ask Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank executives.

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