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9-14 Watchlist


What a day yesterday folks. Big BEN did not disappoint in announcing a new round of QE, this time there is NO  LIMIT on the amount of the easing or an end date. It also opened the door for other tools they may use to spur growth. This is big stuff folks... Today you will see a continuation of the chase for performance as folks are going to squeeze into equities and create a new bubble!

Thanks for those who were at my outlook class last night. If you were there you would know what i am looking at today:

WYNN - still have 110 calls. LVS upgrade today could help the mojo continue.

PCLN - seems to be getting a bid PM and closed above the 50DMA and upper bollie... could have a blue sky breakout today? Have the 650 calls may look for 640s at the open.

ISRG - still my favorite. Need to see 498 today for my confidence to continue.

SODA - still hold every single calls i purchased monday and tuesday.


Others on watch : MCP 13C/ AIG 44.50C/ LNKD 125C/ CMG OCT 400C/ MAKO 20C/ AGQ 62C

Will be live on audio in chat a few times today! Lets have a great end to this wonderful week!!


- Jimmy

July 18th, 2012 Watchlist – WYNN, CMG, BIDU, LNKD, IMAX, VMW

Big Ben did no disappoint yesterday, as the market sold off on his remarks, only to ramp up the rest of the day and finish solid green. The market is still struggling to find direction as worries shift to the US economy. Housing starts were up in June, and now we wait on Big Bens second day, where folks are betting we get some sort of update on QE. Good thing Earnings season is under way, so we don’t have to bank on his remarks!


WYNN reported last night, and the numbers were disappointing. Headlines don’t always tell the story, and i think the stocks current price understates the companies value and future growth. My gut says the stock rallies a bit today, but probably not enough this week to salvage my 105 calls. Will look for 100 calls sometime at open if i like what i see.

BIDU SINA – china stocks looked extremely weak yesterday, and folks used the ‘weakening’ china economy as the catalyst for the sell-off. China’s hard landing has been a story for sometime, so don’t see how it caused the panic sell-off we had on BIDU yesterday. BIDU is red pm so may look to add to my puts with some 100/95 puts at open. Will wait and see at open.

CMG – my gut says she moves 7-10% on earnings. Options are pricey but finally the 440 calls looks somewhat valued. Will look to grab some @ .60 or so, and hopefully sell half before the close thursday before earnings. I will have a write up on the stock sometime tonight.

Here is SGRAYs watchlist : http://www.stockcharts.com/public/1662759/

Obviously some other plays to watch today:



Lets have a great day!!

7-17-2012 Watchlist – FB, LNKD, CMG, WYNN

Yesterday was a setup day for the week ahead. CMG WYNN and LNKD we on the watch list yesterday. Lets see how they play out this week. LNKD faded after the opening pop. WYNN and CMG held strong.


Seems like the ANALysts use the watch list as part of their research as both CMG and WYNN were upgraded this morning.

Still like WYNN for earnings, but doesn’t mean bet the farm. $105 weekly calls were reasonably priced at the open yesterday at .52/.55./60 throughout the morning. Figure WYNN may move 10%+ on a rosy forecast, so those 105 calls could be a 5-10 bagger come wednesday.

CMG calls are pricey so going way out of the money before the earnings thursday AH’s could prove to be a good bet. $450 calls or so IMHO.

BIG BEN bernacke will be all over CNBC today and tomorrow so expect continued expectations around some QE3 talks.

Stocks on watch today:

LNKD – still think she tests and breaks $110 sometime this week. Playing with 110 calls so far.

BLK- may look to get in on earnings. Like BLK down here, will post strikes in chat.

FB – Huge volume PM, may look for 30 calls at open.

CMG – out of the money calls for premium build – $440/450s


Thats all for now. I will be in audio most of the morning. Then after hours we pray for WYNN to PAY! ~


- Jimmybob

Earnings Central – Wynn Resorts (WYNN)


Earnings season for option traders can be akin to gambling, and there is no better way to start the season off then with Wynn Resorts, LTD (WYNN) a developer, owner and operator of destination casino resorts. We have wrote about Wynn Resorts, LTD (WYNN) many times in the past with quite a bit of success. Read about it here and here. We are now ready to ride Wynn Resorts, LTD (WYNN) for some potential profits on it's earnings report.

Retail traders are always the last to know about a companies performance, and the chart tells the story for Wynn Resorts, LTD (WYNN). Weaker results in Vegas coupled with possible slowdowns with it's Macau unit have propelled the stock into oversold territory. It was only a few months ago when Wynn Resorts, LTD (WYNN) was breaking over $130 on strong volume. Those days are a distant memory as Wynn Resorts, LTD (WYNN) closed at 96.44 today after falling faster then the value of the Peso in the '90s.

When there is blood on the streets, we see green. Any upward guidance or rosy forecast coming from Wynn Resorts, LTD (WYNN) during it's earnings report after hours on Tuesday will result in a potential 10-15%+ spike in the stocks share price. Positioning ahead of that possible move can result in some rather large returns.

We mentioned 105 calls in chat, and will look to grab some more sometime during the day on Tuesday. Lets hope Wynn Resorts, LTD (WYNN) kicks off earnings in style. No need to go all in, but lets at least get some blackjack!

Disclosure: We hold a boatload of the 105 July weekly calls purchased at .52/.55/.62.