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12-3 Watchlist

Welcome to December! Looks like we will start the morning in the green as futures are up. China had some more decent numbers overnight and the concerns of China's economy coming to a crashing halt seem to be fading. Christmas Elf Tim Geithner  was on the Sunday Morning talk shows trying to alleviate "Fiscal Cliff" fears. If you read the watchlist every morning you would know my thoughts, that we melt higher into the end of the year. I give it a few more days before we start hearing "Santa Rally" instead of fiscal cliff.

We have some big movers this morning on upgrades and news articles: DECK is trading over $42 PM on an upgrade, LULU is trading over $73 on an upgrade, DELL is up 4% on an upgrade as well. Others to watch are RIG and LMCA, which were covered in Barron's.

UPB had a great week ahead class last night, and the link for the video will be available sometime today. I know Biglots was his big play, as well as DMND.

My watchlist today is light, as i am a little fearful of a gap and trap. Please don't trade any text alert expecting the same results as last week.


Stock Ticker Call/Put Strike Expiration Closing Price Entry Price
SHLD CALL  $45.00 DEC WKLY 0.36 0.36
SHLD CALL  $49.00 DEC MONTHLY 0.42 0.40
NFLX CALL  $90.00 DEC WKLY 0.32 0.30
WYNN CALL $115.00 DEC WKLY 0.62 0.40
LNKD CALL  $115.00 DEC WKLY 0.20 0.15

I like SHLD for a bounce sometime this week, hopefully starting today so will try and grab some weeklies. Once i get weeklies will look for some monthlies. Of course you know NETFLIX is one of my favs still. I grabbed 87.50s on friday afternoon and will look to get some 90s today.

WYNN may move on Macau #'s out today, and I am waiting for LNKD to finally start to head towards $120. I dont like the bottom two as much an those are mostly on watch and will probably not get any today.

SODA looks great at the open today so hoping for more follow through.


Lets have a great trading day!!

- Jimmybob

10-23 Watchlist

It was quite a roller coaster yesterday as the market recovered triple digit loses in the last hour of the day, the biggest swing in 7 months. I keep thinking SPY needed to hit $142 for a bounce, and we almost had it yesterday. Well looks like we will open below that today after another earning miss, this one from Dupont. Futures are deep in the red for the first time in recent memory. Concerns about Spain and Italy bond yields rising, coupled with the poor  U.S. earnings so far, and the debate last night disappointing Romney supporters have sparked this fade. We shall see if we can hold this area or is this the start of a prolonged correction? Time will tell, but $142 is the line in the sand for me short term here.

We had some decent plays yesterday. OPEN was on the watchlist but ramped higher at the open, and the calls ran from us. NFLX did explode out of the gate and the NOV 90 calls ran from .40 to .93(we were the first on the planet to get those at the LOD). WDC and CALL calls were the losers, with WDC reporting great earnings but issuing an outlook that missed expectations.

We had some nice earning reports this morning and we will be looking at FB, NFLX, PNRA, and BWLD at the close. WHR and COH reported some nice earnings this morning and maybe worth a look at some calls. I am currently holding the NFLX NOV 90 and 100 calls and will look to close most of them (or some of them) before the close.

Options I am looking at today:


Stock Call/Put Strike Expiration Closing Price Entry Price
WHR Call $100 NOV 0.27 0.25
COH Call $65 NOV 0.30 0.30
SODA Call $45 NOV .35 x .40 0.40
WYNN Call $120 Oct 0.41 0.41


Looking to play NOV calls on COH and WHR. I will wait till possibly mid-day on SODA - I will have a blog writeup on that one so hang tight. Love WYNN for earnings, nothing is certain but folks in the 120s yesterday may get a bump on the premiums after the company issued the earnings date, which is tomorrow after the bell.

I still like NFLX, and i am one of the few that do. They need to beat expectations around sub growth or the stock will tumble another 20%. If they beat, it will run 20%. Should be volatile.

Lets have a great day, hopefully the market finds support here and melts higher the rest of the day. One last article posted by harley in the chat and figure i would share: http://www.nanex.net/aqck2/3635.html  Just shows the manipulation in the market and the sort of thing that I think will eventually be our black swan event.

- Jimmybob


10-22 Watchlist


Earnings jitters took hold last week as the market tumbled friday, and some stocks were creamed like GOOG, AAPL. LNKD, PCLN, and other favorites. Despite all this, the market was up fractionally last week. This week should prove very interesting with  a tremendous amount of earning reports on deck. If the trend of lowered outlooks and misses continues, the market could continue its fade here. I like the SPY to find a bottom near $142 and then work its way higher. I am still a short term bull, but long term near. SPY 50dma is 143.20 so that could provide support.

World markets are mixed to mostly higher this morning and Stock Futures are slightly higher. CAT reported earnings this morning and reduced its 2012 target, after already lowering is 2015 outlook last month. Some look to CAT for guidance on the world economy so if CAT is lower guidance, that usually is not a good thing.

Some earnings after the bell: WDC Western Digital , YHOO Yahoo, and TXN Texas Instruments . UPB had his week ahead video and spoke about as many of the earnings plays as possible. Keep checking the blog page for the uploaded video(It's not up yet).

Here are the potential positions I am looking to get today:


Stock Call/Put Strike Expiration Closing Price Entry Price
OPEN Call $52.50 NOV 0.50 0.50
WDC Call $40 NOV 0.52 0.52
NFLX Call $90 NOV 0.42 0.42
CALL Call $25 NOV 0.65 0.65
WYNN Call $120 Oct .76 x .91? 0.50


I always like OPEN and there were rumors of YHOO being interested in them. OPEN has sold from the $50s in Sept and I think this catalyst should help regain it's footing. WDC reports after the bell so risky calls, but again a stock that could regain it's footing. $NFLX reports tomorrow after the bell, i am one of the few folks who still like the story so play at your own risk!

CALL was a great play friday with some huge earnings, and I think it continues today. Already have the NOV $25s but will look for more. WYNN chart said $120 last week, but stock did not cooperate. $120 calls look pricey so will wait for a hopeful pullback to enter at .50 and below.

Stay tuned to chat for possible entry and exits. I will also post on private twitter account (DIAMOND)


Lets have a great start to the week!!

- jimmybob

10-16 Watchlist


So far so good to start this week as the futures are solid green once again. Earnings season is starting to heat up as Goldman Sacks, Coca-Cola, and quite a few other stocks reported earnings this morning, with much more after the bell. Looks like Spain is going to work out a bailout finally. which bodes well for a risk-on environment, at least for the short term. Remember, I am playing for $SPY 150 in the short term, and use these dips to find beaten down stocks.

Going forward will post my possible entries below and then explain afterwards. Let me know if you like this better:


Stock Call/Put Strike Expiration Closing Price Entry Price
WYNN Call $125 Oct 0.15 0.15
FOSL Call $90 Oct 0.25 0.35
SODA Call $40 Oct 0.20 0.20
LNKD Call $120 Oct 0.10 0.10


I continue to like WYNN for a breakout, especially if we are over $116.88. We will not need earnings to go over $120. Grabbed the 120s @ .39/.51 yesterday and sent text alert on it. We should all bank some nice coin. I like LNKD for a bounce off it's recent sell-off. Key is it sold off for no reason which leads me to believe someone was unwinding some positions. I still love SODA here after the nice move yesterday, and I love FOSL after CITI upgrade this morning.

DPZ is another to watch today but may be hard to get any cheap calls, and upside over 40 maybe somewhat limited, but could see $41-43.

Stay tuned to chat for more trading ideas and lets have a great week!!

- Jimmybob

Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN) on watch for breakout


Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN) has provided numerous money making opportunities long and short over the last 12 months (Previous wins here) . It seems sentiment can change like the wind on the stock as concerns over revenues in Vegas and Macau continue to fluctuate. With earnings on the way, it maybe time to get in front of a move, which we think will be to the upside for Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN).  The chart also shows a possible $5-$15+ short term rip to the upside.

Either way, buying calls on a stock is akin to gambling, and what better place to gamble then on a casino stock like Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN). We currently have the $120/$125 Oct 20th calls and looking for the stock to trade over $120 sometime this week. It is a very risky trade so if you are new to options, make sure you paper trade.