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Tuesday Market Recap

Stocks opened the day lower, rallied back to even,  and then collapsed into the close, ending the last day of the quarter sharply lower.

S&P500 Futures are now trading below Monday's open.

Today's late day action wasn't the only excitement.  Numerous trading vehicles had to be halted in the middle of the session, including the $VXX.  The $VXX halt was 5+ years in the making.


Was today's late day trading action an indication of what is to come?  Or was it a product of end of quarter window 'undressing?'  More on that and some potential moves coming for  $TLT, $SSYS, $TWTR, but first: here are tonight's scans:

Unusual Option Activity - 3-31-15

Stock Scans - Bullish / Bearish Crossovers

The market, despite what the VIX is saying,

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Tuesday Recapus Minimus 2-3-15

I'm going to keep it short and sweet tonight.   It was another great trading day.  That $SSYS bounce was ever so majestic.   Don't be surprised if this thing gets over $60 before weeks end.

$DIS is on fire tonight after a big earnings beat.  My $DIS calls from yesterday at $.92 look to open at over $6 each, lucky for me I sold them out for a double earlier in the session.  PHEW!   $TWTR $38.50 calls, well almost any strike, are working well heading into Thursday's earnings report. Will we get a flop, like $TWTR's last report, or a rocket to $50 like its summer earnings report?

The market made some significant progress as far as pushing back short term resistance. From a longer term perspective I think there is still more work to do:

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Monday Recap – 2/2/15

The market looked poised to start the week off on a positive note, but early morning sellers took over after the opening bell.  The $SPY briefly dipped under $198 and traded under $200 for most of the session before a late day surge sent the $SPY to $202.   I don't think a chart accurately conveys the volatility we saw in the market today, with prices falling dramatically before rallying sharply.

Today's chart of S&P500 Futures

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