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Dejavu All over again…

No, we are not going to write about Yogi Berra or the Yankees, as much as we would like to.

What we are going to write about is the inherent behavior for scenarios to repeat themselves. Whether it be the market, or everyday situations. History is a great indicator of future performance and trends. Identifying these trends and patterns in individual stocks, will give you an idea when to be a buyer of calls or puts in a stock.

We have brought up SINA(SINA.COM) on many occasions. We actually brought it up on our watchlist yesterday and today, knowing the bottom is close, and the move up from this next bottom will be violent.

SINA didn't go the right way yesterday. When she goes it will be fast. May watch open for possible grab of 70/72.50 calls.


Sina fell at the open to $64.21, only to rally just as hard to $70.75 late afternoon. An option traders wet dream. Wondering why it's moving will only cost you. Knowing this stock is good for a 15-20% move off it's bottom is enough reason to be a player in the calls, which we were. We fully expect SINA(SINA.COM) to continue a furious rally to $75-$80+ by friday.

The trend is your friend. The chart:


Stocks Gone Wild…

Stocks Gone Wild? Well not wild, but what would you call a stock up 36% or $18+ since we spoke about it on Jan 10th, exactly 3 weeks ago? Crazy?? Insane? Amazing? Lets just keep it simple and call it a money maker. Buying and holding a stock for a 36% gain in 3 weeks is not bad, but anyone buying calls on SINA at the $48 low are extremely happy people. Check out the before and after picture. Now can we spot a nice bottom, and yes, that chart looks nice too.




Plays like SINA are why this site is called Option Millionaires. A few hundred can turn into a few thousand very quickly... and if you find the right stock, a few hundred can turn into 5-6 digits.

Just check out what SINA did on friday on the FACEBOOK IPO news.  (BTW: I hate that i linked a CNBC clip). The weekly $67.50 calls were trading at .01 at high noon on friday, only to hit $3.55 a few hours later. A $100 gamble would have turned into a new SUV ($35,500)!!! Gamble?? Well isnt that what the stock market is? Legalized gambling. The house still wins (Goldman Sux, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America..ect) , while the retail trader (the gambler) gets taken to the poorhouse.

Thank you china, for giving the poor American traders a chance to make some money.. now go buy your iphone!!!

All joking aside, there are plays like SINA everyday. The challenge is finding them, and thats why we are here!

On to the next one!!

Some of our trades this past week

We had a phenomenal week at option millionaires, with many alerts and trades providing opportunities for huge returns.

The week started with our call of SINA at the open on Tuesday. Noticing the pre-market volume, and the action on all the China ADR's, we thought SINA provided a great risk vs reward opportunity and brought the $55 weekly calls to our chat rooms attention at .40. As SINA started to break out, we also brought the $60 Weekly calls to the chatrooms attention at .08. You can see out chart below after the alerts. The stock had moved up from $50 open to $51.57. We still felt SINA would test $55 in short order, and felt if it broke $55, $60 had a shot before the week was out.


Sure enough, SINA broke $60 by Thursday on a JPM upgrade, and the $55 calls hit a high of $6.50 and the $60 calls hit a high of 2.12. So both alerts returned over 1600% from the alerts. If you bought $80 of the $60 calls, you could have sold for $2k 3 days later.


DECK was another play we have been screaming about, and liked the $90 Jan 21st calls, which we brought to our chat at .60. They hit over $2.00 on Wednesday, as the stock finally hit the $90 target we thought it would hit in short term. Check out the call.

Check out the chart we posted:

Only a few days later DECK hit out short term target to the penny at $90, and has since retreated.

We wrote about PRX, a generic pharma company, on JAN 6th, when the stock was trading at $33.90. We brought the $35 calls currently asking .35, to the attention of our chat room based on some news of possible upside revisions to its performance. Those calls have now hit $1.50 for almost a 500% gain, and should be an even bigger gainer before expiry on friday.

There were many other calls in the chat room. Make sure you check us out this week, as there is only TWO MORE WEEKS until out free trial ends.






SINA (SINA.COM) / GMCR (Green Mountain Coffee Roaster, Inc.)

Seems like all the beaten down, piece of shit stocks want to run today. SINA (SINA.COM) is a beaten down china ADR that is getting some legs on the FMCN news today, just like all the other ADR's. SINA (SINA.COM) does have a tendency to explode after being beaten down, like it did in October. SO play accordingly.



GMCR is continuing its breakout today, after getting an afternoon pop yesterday. Looks like a combination of some NPD rumor news, as well as short covering??? Hate the stock, but play the play, and GMCR can be profitable trading on both sides.

Volatility is an option players friend!

Happy Trading!