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12-18 Watchlist


First off, the site is moving quickers as we upgraded our server, but we did have some temporary issues so apologize in advance for any troubles accessing the site. Now on to the fun:

What a great start to the week as a few of the plays on watch from last week continued to ramp higher, and others started their advance. SAM continues to move, marking its 3rd consecutive day of gains closing right near the high of day on huge volume. SODA finally broke the $43 resistance on amazing volume as well with NO NEWS. Seems to be more optimism on this fiscal cliff fiasco getting resolved so futures are solid green. If you were in the chatroom or on the week ahead class you heard quite a bit about japan and the oncoming currency wars coming in 2013. The clowns on tv are still talking about QE, and I think that term will be replaced by another coined phrase in regards to currency. We shall see.


Going forward I will try to include meaningful upgrades and downgrades, most from fly on the wall.


Here are todays:



Goldman Sachs upgraded to Positive from Neutral at Susquehanna

Susquehanna believes Goldman is well positioned to benefit in fixed income from potential rising rates due to a fiscal cliff resolution and expects the company to gain share in FICC due to reduced competition. Price target raised to $149 from $127.



Amazon.com price target raised to $300 from $250 at RBC Capital

After conducting checks, RBC Capital believes that Amazon.com's investments in fulfillment centers could begin to slow in 2013. The firm maintains an Outperform rating on the stock.


AAPL reiteration from BofA : (AAPL)

Apple sell-off on supply chain concerns overdone, says BofA/Merrill

BofA/Merrill believes the sell-off in Apple due to supply chain concerns is overdone and that valuation is at trough levels. The firm trimmed estimates but notes supply chain adjustments are common and recent supplier production cuts come after peak production ramps and double ordering. Shares of Apple are Buy rated with a $720 price target.


Here are the positions I am looking at for open:



Stock Ticker Call/Put Strike Expiration Closing Price
CMG CALL $305.00 weekly 0.45
SINA CALL $52.50 weekly 0.21
MON CALL $92.50 weekly 0.13


I kept saying CMG would break out last week but that never happened. Yesterday was the start of what I think is a 2-3 day run for CMG over $300. Still love SINA for bounce over 50, and MON to $93 or so this week.


Lets have a great trading day!


- Jimmybob

10-24 Watchlist

What a crazy day yesterday as the market sold off all morning and $SPY dropped under $141 for a bit. We did recoup some the rest of the day, but was still a big down day as the DOW dropped 250 pts. I rarely use the DOW to describe the overall market but 250 pts down sounds better then 1.39% for the SPY. I was saying it on audio yesterday that it did not feel like a big down day. On typical 1.5-2% down days, you will find momentum and growth stocks down 3-5%, and most of them were less then 2% down, even, or even green. Obviously DOW components MMM and Dupont dragged on the index with horrible earnings. We did have quite a few earnings reports yesterday. FB and PNRA stole the show with expectation beating earnings. NFLX and BWLD missed expectations, with both stocks down near 10-15%+ yesterday and this morning. We shall see where the market takes those stocks but I will not be buying any positions into BWLD or NFLX.

Currently hold SODA 45 calls, COH 62.50/65 calls, PNRA 185 C, BWLD 100 calls(worthless), NFLX 90/100 calls (WORTHLESS), WDC 35WC and 40 Nov C, WHR 100 calls, SINA 60/62.50 calls.

Positions I am looking at for open:


Stock Call/Put Strike Expiration Closing Price Entry Price
LNKD Call $110 OCT 0.45 1.25
LNKD Call $115 OCT 0.10 0.20
SINA Call $60 OCT 0.13 0.13
WYNN Call $130 NOV 0.27 0.27
FFIV Call $120 NOV .25 x .30 0.30


Anytime FB has run-up or even pre-IPO, social stocks were a good play. Think $SINA and $LNKD get serious mojo at the open so will be looking for calls quick on both. Will not chase LNKD 110 but will try for the fill. FFIV chart looks exactly like PNRA and think the fade means cheap calls, will try for NOV so have time if the move is not big. Still like WYNN and will look for the NOV 130s, as those positions are actually cheaper then before they announced the date, while the OCT positions are now more expensive(makes no sense which is good for us!).

Will hold my COH, WDC, and WHR calls for the near term.

Also, make sure you read my take on SODA : https://www.optionmillionaires.com/2012/folks-have-the-story-wrong-on-sodastream-soda-or-do-they/

Lets have a great day!

- Jimmybob

9-5-2012 Morning Watchlist

We started off the month of September with a down day, but not as well off the lows. Today looks like another weak start, but seems to be like we get our footing and start looking to string some green days together. Seems the possibility of the ECB providing unlimited support to bonds helped stave off the negative news of Fedex lowering it's guidance.

We shall see how today plays out, here is what I am watching.

SINA/BIDU broke out yesterday. Had them on watch yesterday from the rumor of possible negative coverage by Muddy Waters. Turns out that was wrong and both stocks rallied. SINA also seemed to rally on a departure of one of its directors. Still think BIDU is headed over $118 short term and holding the $120 calls.

LNKD upgraded by Jefferies yesterday after the bell from $96 to $142. Seems Analysts starting to see what I have seen for months... a stock that should be $130-$150 by now. Today maybe the day it closes over $110. $115 calls maybe a nice play.

The rest of the market looks somewhat boring here PM besides FB, which I will not play.

Other stocks on watch : PCLN, AMZN, AGQ, NFLX, AIG, and FSLR.

Keep an eye on chat and lets have a GREEN day!


- Jimmy


8-16 Watchlist Jimmybob


Yesterday was another somewhat boring day with lackluster market volumes. The market volumes seems to be stealing some of the headlines and has become a focus as dog days of summer are truly starting to take hold. Have a feeling in the next few days there will be a nice 1-2%+ move in the markets. Timing it is always the key!

SINA earnings report last night, where the headline numbers look great, but profits for the rest of the year look weak. Again, that is not always the story with SINA, and folks are usually more concerned about its ability to generate revenue and how they are looking to grow profits in the future. Still have hope for my $60 calls and may add some $55/57.50 at the open if I like what i see.

SHLD reported earnings this morning with EPS in line but a revenue miss. Just like I said yesterday, SHLD rallied on gigantic volume into the close and hit a high of 57.48(i said it would hit $57). Of course my order did not fill to sell the calls. Hard to figure what SHLD will do today, but have a feeling it continues it's ascent into the 60s.

NFLX continued its move higher, albeit a little slower on Wednesday. Chart still showing a reversal with plenty of room to move. Hopefully NFLX breaks $65 and the 67.50 calls can go from red to green.

I will be doing a LIVE Q and A session tonight at 7pm. I will have the link posted in the live chat room later this afternoon.

I will be out in the morning but once again you can email at optionmillionaires@gmail.com for any questions.

Will likely not be adding any positions for the 2k mirror account today unless I see something very compelling. Also, want to make sure the other 2 positions are closed.

Mirror followers check twitter for updates throughout the day.

Have a Great THURSDAY!



July 3rd Watchlist

It is starting to feel like the melt higher is beginning. Some of the growth stocks and sector leaders saw some nice moves on an otherwise flat day, meaning big money is starting to chase the performance that is coming. Could be wrong, but getting ahead of the move may be a nice way to play things.


Earnings season starts monday, so maybe a somewhat quiet week. Today we have factory orders at 10am and a market close at 1pm. A possible uneventful day.

Will position myself with some more calls for Thursday Green Gap day. PCLN provided a nice move yesterday, LNKD surged and held its ground, and BWLD was flat.

Will be looking for more positions in those today. I will have a write up on BWLD this week, as I feel this is the next stock to really get some legs. With CMG losing its luster, BWLD should be the one to reap the rewards into earnings late July. $100 calls should be a nice play.

Also watching AAPL for the possible break of $600, where i think $610 would come very quick.

Stocks to watch today:


I wont be around too much today, so if i dont see you have a great 4th of July(if your from the US)

- Jimmybob