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The Bottom

Bottoms come in all shapes, sizes, types and colors. Big and small? Long and short?

Nice bottoms have even become so popular they have their own T.V. Show. Nicki Minaj is very thankful for the bottom. 



Coco?? Last i checked there was a Zipcode request for that one. But yes, she has a T.V. Show as well.


Spotting nice bottoms can be considered an art form. Especially for a trader looking for the perfect time to go long. Is it the capitulation volume? Chart signals like the moving averages or bollinger bands? Sector news? Sometimes it's just intuition. Either way, on December 14th, 2011, we spotted the bottom of all bottoms. Priceline.com(PCLN) had just touched the bottom bollinger band at $445. We wrote about that action here. To add fuel to the fire, Cramer put Priceline.come(PCLN) on his "Stay Away" list the next day. We wrote about that here.

Check out that chart we posted:

Now check the chart nearly 3 months later as Priceline.come(PCLN) nearly hit $700:


Anyone can look at a chart like Priceline.com(PCLN)'s and figure the odds of it going down are better then the odds of it going up. If trading was that easy we would all be Millionaires. What separates those who make the millions and those who lose their money, are the ability to see through all the fog, the distractions, the short call articles like this one(here).

Cramer has been wrong to the tune of $255 in the past 3 months. Priceline.com(PCLN) is now up 64% from his bottom call. I guess Cramer does not like a good bottom. I'll get Coco his number.

More to come on Priceline.com(PCLN). Be sure to check out our chat for our trades.



FOSL (Fossil, Inc)

How do you make money in this market?? You find stocks that are undervalued and you buy them. Better yet, find stocks that Jim Cramer says "Stay Away", and buy calls on them. We did that on PCLN at $445, and we did that with FOSL(Fossil, Inc) this morning. It must have been Jim Cramer, and his "Stay Away" team, that provided the fuel for the FOSL rocket ship today. You can say the shorts sure know how to put a smile on our faces.

This is what we said about the FOSL(Fossil, Inc) this morning:

FOSL – had earnings that missed expectation on the revenue side. Maybe a nice bounce play with premiums. May look at some $110 calls

Those calls were grabbed in earnest by out chatroom. Those options exploded from .10, to close at 10.60. Imagine buying a stock at .10 and closing at $10.60 a few hours later. Thats pretty much what our members did($100 into $10,600!).

Plays like these don't happen everyday, but when they do, they make your year.

Once again, thank you Cramer for bringing this to our attention.

We salute you!



Option Millionaires? Not Yet, but getting there…

We wrote about PCLN on December 14th, 2011, as a bounce play and continued to like it going into 2012, as Cramer added it to his "Pigs gets slaughtered list"(We wrote about that here). Going against Cramer is like bagging the promo queen... We wish we could do it, and when we finally do, didn't realize it would be that easy!

PCLN has ERUPTED from its 445.73 "Cramer Bottom" and hit $526 last week, an $80+ move. Even more spectacular, is the potential profits one can make on a move like this trading the options. We recommended the  $505 JAN 21st calls asking  .85 on Tuesday Jan 17th(READ HERE). Those calls hit a high of $22. So $85 into $2200 potential for each call purchased. Can we thank you enough Cramer?

Check it out as we brought this to out chat room first and we were the first on the planet to buy those calls on Jan 17th:

This is why we trade options, and hope we can continue bringing this type of trading opportunities to our trading community!

The Chase is ON!

The chase is on.... for  performance that is. Now that the SPY has closed above $130, folks are rushing into stocks as the potential to miss the rally, outweighs the possible downside risks.

Now is the time to turn to those old stocks, still fundamentally sound, but beaten down.

Stocks to watch the next few days: PCLN CME ICE CRM.

We are also watching BLK for a bounce on Earnings this morning.



Beam me up Scotty!

We wrote about PCLN(Priceline.com) a few weeks back, after it hit $448, and was added to Cramers "Stay Away" list. (read here) We spoke how PCLN was a best of breed stock, and folks should take advantage of the dip. Well its almost 30 days later, and PCLN (Priceline.com) finally looks ready to break the $494 wall we spoke of.

Making money on options is all about finding ones that move. If they stay flat, you lose money, plain and simple. PCLN has a history of some big swings(Beta). We fully expect PCLN to trade above $500 this week. We brought the $505 weekly calls at .70 this morning to our chat room.

I think i can hear the transporter room going as I write this, and Captain Kirk getting set to beam us up.


Happy Trading!