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Two Free Trading Webinars With Chris D This Week – Register Here

Hi Folks,

I've been working on two webinars simultaneously.  The first one, "Bottom Fishing For The Next Winner - Big Bases" this Thursday night, should appeal to our right brained members.  Bottom fishing is a tough game to play, as you are normally trying to find life in stocks which people have hated for years (think tech stocks after 2000). This webinar will show you one way how to find that hated stock which is about to come back to life and break out to the upside!

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The Gold Miners Are Shining – Waiting To Buy This Breakout (Video)

In my post on August 11th, I was explaining that we could be hammering out an intermediate term bottom for gold.  Well, it looks like that criteria was filled, so let's make some money now.  The trade is on the gold mining ETFs GDX and GDXJ.  Both of these funds are very close to breaking above a key resistance level and are potentially offering a very low risk, high reward trade.  Take a look at this video for which of these two funds to invest in (it's GDXJ, it's performing better and has a P/E of only 9) and when to start pyramiding into the trade.  Good luck!