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Wednesday Recapus Meritus 2-4-15

Today's trading action deserves an ESPN like Recap.

He throws it deep, he makes an incredible catch..... wait..... it's  ruled incomplete by the official.

Today's recovery off the lows?   same result... incomplete.  The official judging the action today was none other than the ECB.  No funding for you!  Will it be the correct call?  Unfortunately in this game of asset price manipulation and currency devaluation, there is no instant reply.

It appears the stench from Greece, like a rotting sewage pipe, will continue to linger on, with nary a plumber in sight.  I'm not sure you want to be long the market when the pipe bursts.

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Why $GPRO Continues To Defy The Bears

Last year a company called Tesla rocketed higher from the $20's to over $100 a share.  In the midst of that rally a host of analysts and market observers were aghast as to how a company like $TSLA could have such a 'large' market cap.  They made every argument under the sun as to why $TSLA deserved to decline in price.  Short sellers were betting the farm that the stock would fall.  Analysts who spend their waking hours analyzing stocks were calling for the stock to drop.  Yet Tesla did the exact opposite.

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