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Wednesday Recap

Patient?  It's gone from the FED, but the term worked perfectly for call buyers this week.  It's never easy holding onto longs/calls when every pundit is telling you to sell, that the FED is going to spook the market.  Patience is exactly what we needed to profit today and it worked nearly to perfection.

Last night's bonus chart proved to be rather prescient.  It's nice to be right about where the market is headed, it's even 'nicer'when that move is even more robust than your most optimistic expectations.  Today was an almost straight up day after the FED.  No stairs, no methodical move higher.... it was a 2 hour spike-a-thon and the stock market rests just off record highs.... yet again.

***Last Nights Bonus Chart ***

**** Today's Action ****

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Friday Recap – 3/13/15

After yesterday's rally, the sellers returned in full force today, driving down stocks and sending the US Dollar to a fresh 12+ year high as it soared almost 1% higher against a basket of depreciating currencies.  I'll get into the US Dollar and the basket of depreciating currencies later, let's look at the market, where it could be headed, and what we can do about it.

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Thursday Recap 3/12/15

You know the market is in rally mode when a washed up mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engine, industrial turbine and diesel-electric locomotives maker like $CAT finishes the day with an attractive gain.

Stocks posted a sharp rally and found it's footing after the pull back from record highs.  The US Dollar index took a break today after breaking into triple digits for the first time in 12+ years, something I thought would spark a rally in the market.

From last night's recap:

I'd prefer to remain calm and trade on.  But I do think there is a chance we could witness a December 2014 like price recovery.  I talked about this before the market opened in today's video.    Certainly something to keep in the back of your mind as the week closes tomorrow:

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