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Short and Sweet

Almost a full four months into 2015 and the S&P 500 has yet to make a meaningful move to the upside.  We currently reside at similar levels from the end of 2014.  Imagine that.  Four months of consolidation.

Prices have started to narrow and I think a big break higher is becoming more likely with each passing day.

One thing is for certain... the Dip Buyers remain on the ready to gobble up any dip this market gives.  Today was no different.

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Monday Market Recap

Stock futures plunged after the Jobs report on Friday.

Today the market realized that bad is again good - It recovered Friday's losses and for good measure  proceeded to rally an additional .6%.

It was the second consecutive Monday rally.  Last Monday's rally was swiftly negated the following trading session.  Will tomorrow see stocks suffer a similar fate?

S&P500 Futures RED Friday and GREEN Monday:


Today's Stock/Option Scans

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