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SINA Corporation (SINA)

Sina Corporation (SINA) has been an Optionmillionaires favorite over the past few months.There is nothing that an option trader likes more than a volatile stock, and SINA Corporation (SINA) sure fits the bill. SINA Corporation (SINA) reported earnings after hours, and the stock rose nearly 7%. Folks were expecting a loss, which they got, but revenue was above expectations. With all the bad press as of late, it was almost a relief that SINA Corporation (SINA) expects to still generate revenues with the China censorship crackdown.

It's one of the reasons we think there will be some serious upside upgrades tomorrow. SINA Corporation (SINA) pulled in just over $100 mil in revenues for the past quarter, yet has over 300 million users of its twitter like service. If they are able to just pull in $.50-$1 per user, they will experience some SERIOUS growth. Smart "Growth Companies" sacrifice short term profits, for long term growth. Looks like Sina CEO Charles Chao is continuing to do that, which is great news in our opinion:

Sina CEO Charles Chao said: "China's macroeconomic weakness in the first quarter the Company's brand advertising business growth moderate. We expect the macroeconomic aspects of the resistance will continue until the second quarter, however, we have begun to test the water micro- Bo brand advertising business. this advertising product recommendation engine driven by the map-based social interest, is expected to be in the second half of the year for our brand advertising business real impact. the current the microblogging advertisers preliminary feedback is encouraging, we believe that to continue major investment is necessary for social media and related projects. "


Of course there are the folks looking at the news release tonight seeing this headline:

Sina Corp could see further losses due to Weibo: CEO

The market is forward looking, and think this view is very short sighted. With the penetration they have, in a market with few competitors, I think SINA has much more upside then folks are giving her.I guess we will see tomorrow. Here is what we were saying on our watchlist this morning and monday:

SINA – 60 calls before the close for me, think earnings will not be too good, but the outlook and china restrictions will be the key.

SINA – reports this week as well, with RENN. Hard to figure, but I still like SINA. Not sure of the strikes yet and may wait till Tuesday AM.


Happy Trading!!


Disclosure: we hold $57.50 and $60 MAY calls

Where is the market headed tomorrow?

Most daytraders close out their positions before the close. Making a living trading stocks is all about controlling your risks, and obviously there is more risk when you hold an equity overnight. Who knows what type of news can come out before the market opens that may impact your holdings. Better to lock-in the gain or loss before the close, and wait for the next trading day. That is, unless you are an option trader. Why? Well some of the most Epic moves come from holding a position over a few days.

Lets use todays move on LinkedIn(LNKD) as an example.

Stocks like LinkedIn (LNKD) are susceptible to volatile moves which is caused by the varying opinions of the 'proper' valuation of the stock. There are those who think a stock with a P/E ratio of 800 is a bubble and then the ones with the foresight(like myself) who are more forward looking, and think LinkedIn (LNKD) is undervalued. Bulls and bears squared off today. With Greece grabbing the headlines again (puke) causing a market sell off, LinkedIn(LNKD) fell over 8% to $101.53.

Its at that moment when option traders start to salivate. Not more then 3 trading days ago, LinkedIn (LNKD) traded over $120, now it sat almost 20% off its highs. CALLS! Buying the calls today at that moment would have resulted in some huge returns. But it those who hold for another day or two that may reap the big rewards. Take a look at the possible return today on the LinkedIn (LNKD) $11o calls. $550 into $4,400 possible.

But if you have read our blog, your know we are extremely bullish on LinkedIn(LNKD). Todays action maybe a prelude to the stock trading firmly above $120, which would result in those calls being up substantially more. Time will tell.


Where is the market headed tomorrow? We have used the VIX the last few months as a forward looking indicator, along with some other signals.  The VIX pushed through the upper bollie, only to fall back through it. We think this is a key reversal signal. Take a look at the chart below:


The great thing about options is, you only need to be right a few times out of 10 to make some serious cash. Check back after tomorrow and let us know how we did.

FOSL (Fossil, Inc)

How do you make money in this market?? You find stocks that are undervalued and you buy them. Better yet, find stocks that Jim Cramer says "Stay Away", and buy calls on them. We did that on PCLN at $445, and we did that with FOSL(Fossil, Inc) this morning. It must have been Jim Cramer, and his "Stay Away" team, that provided the fuel for the FOSL rocket ship today. You can say the shorts sure know how to put a smile on our faces.

This is what we said about the FOSL(Fossil, Inc) this morning:

FOSL – had earnings that missed expectation on the revenue side. Maybe a nice bounce play with premiums. May look at some $110 calls

Those calls were grabbed in earnest by out chatroom. Those options exploded from .10, to close at 10.60. Imagine buying a stock at .10 and closing at $10.60 a few hours later. Thats pretty much what our members did($100 into $10,600!).

Plays like these don't happen everyday, but when they do, they make your year.

Once again, thank you Cramer for bringing this to our attention.

We salute you!



Jim Cramer upgrades PCLN (Priceline.com) to Sell. Sell?

You have to love the antics of Jim Cramer. I give credit to the guy, he is entertaining at times. But I guess you have to be when your on National T.V giving out stock advice... the type of advice that has lost hard working blue-collar folks lots of money. Heck, Cramers remarks about Bear Stearns right before the collapse, will go down in infamy. (Watch it here:)

Over time, you learn to tune out the noise, and focus on the trade. So why talk about Jim Cramer today? Well because he created his "Pigs get slaughtered" list. (Here for the article) . The uber bullish Cramer, who has helped pump the "High Flying Stocks" of the past two years, is now saying stay away.

His little baby CRM is on the list, as well as LULU, GMCR, PCLN, FOSL. "Well golly gee willikers Jim, You sure nailed those!". Why didn't you say stay away PCLN at $550?? Oh thats right, because you said PCLN would continue to move higher if it beat on earnings:

Priceline.com (PCLN): This online travel deal company reports their 3rd quarter Monday after the markets close. Cramer thinks this is one of the few high-flyers that haven’t been crimped. In order for the stock to continue flying high, Cramer said the market needs to see $1.42 billion in revenue along with proof that Europeans are still flying.

LULU, FOSL, and GMCR also off 25%+ from their recent highs. Come on Cramer? PCLN is off $100 in under 30 days, and NOW you say something!?! 

What a joke. Its obvious there are other factors involved in PCLN's recent sell-off, including funds reducing their risk in equities. But PCLN remains the behemoth of growth stocks, this sell off non-withstanding.

I would compare the Dec 14th warning from Jim Cramer to stay away from PCLN, to a mom telling the child to keep their hands out of the cookie jar. It doesn't really do anything more then remind us the cookies are there... and we all like a good cookie.

PCLN looks to be setting up nicely for a reversal, with some above average volume today. It tested the lower bollie again, but looks ready to break to the $480-$490 level in the next few days.

PCLN 12-15

Dont worry Jim, I know you are nervous about leading your sheep into the slaughterhouse once again. But the sheep are smarter this go around. Are you??

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