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New Option Millionaires Contest – Guess $GOOG Close

NEW CONTEST Starts Monday April 8th, Entries Need to Be in by Sunday at 11:59PM EST

$GOOG recently broke through former long term support at just over $800 a share. The stock continued to slide late in the week and yesterday was trading under $780 before a late rally brought the stock up to the $783 close.

Next week should be a volatile week for the stock.

Guess what price $GOOG will close the week at on April 12th.

Reply in the comments section below with your price that $GOOG will close at.


CONTEST: When Will The S&P500 Surpass Its All Time High?

This is a contest that potentially many never end, or it may end today. Should be fun. Just respond in the comments section below to be entered. The deadline is tonight at midnight.

Guess when the S&P 500 will hit a new all time high.

Show your market prowess by picking when the S&P will surpass the all time high it hit on October 11th, 2007:

Highest close 1,565.15 October 9, 2007
Highest intraday level 1,576.09 October 11, 2007

The closest to the date and time will win a free month at optionmillionaires!

Reply with a date and the time in eastern standard time zone.

example: April 7th, 2013 12:04PM.