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Thursday Recap

After yesterday's sharp sell-off stocks stabilized today and rallied to close near session highs.  2015 has been a 'spin your tires in the mud' affair.  Would it be any more appropriate if tomorrow's jobs reports sparks a rally back to Monday's levels?

Bonds remain a volatile trade with $TLT dropping to its lowest level of the year before mounting a furious recovery rally.  The 20 year bond etf now sits right at long term support.  Tomorrow's jobs report is likely to push it one way or the other into the summer.

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Wednesday Recap

Patient?  It's gone from the FED, but the term worked perfectly for call buyers this week.  It's never easy holding onto longs/calls when every pundit is telling you to sell, that the FED is going to spook the market.  Patience is exactly what we needed to profit today and it worked nearly to perfection.

Last night's bonus chart proved to be rather prescient.  It's nice to be right about where the market is headed, it's even 'nicer'when that move is even more robust than your most optimistic expectations.  Today was an almost straight up day after the FED.  No stairs, no methodical move higher.... it was a 2 hour spike-a-thon and the stock market rests just off record highs.... yet again.

***Last Nights Bonus Chart ***

**** Today's Action ****

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