Reasons to Sell?

Another bubble bursting article.  Yes they've been around as long as this bull market has been around.

I laughed today when I read this piece.  The author is calling the VIX at 20... complacent.   If thats the case what do you call a VIX at 8?

Even more comedic is the reasons for the 'bubble' to burst.  Investors are supposedly going to sell their 'frothy' stocks and put their money somewhere else.

Like where?    Other stocks?  ROFL.  So the bubble bursting will be a stock rotation, which will perhaps pull tech down and the S&P500 higher?

I'd imagine someone who views the VIX at 20 as complacent views a rotation as a bubble bursting.  The baton continues to get passed around in this market.  No doubt.  But until there is a bonafide alternative to the massive money supply explosion we are seeing, aside from Bitcoin,  stocks will continue to do what they've been doing since the dawn of man.... go up.

I remember 4-5 years ago, a widely followed stock market prognosticator, I have no idea if he's still around as he's blocked me on twitter,  Doug Kass.... he made his top stock market trade for the upcoming year... SHORT QQQ.  I think it was at $120 or so at the time.  His #1 reason why shorting QQQ into the new year?   It went up a lot in the previous year!



Guess what the QQQ did in the year he thought it was a great short?

It went up some more... a lot more.

When something goes up... and goes up some some more... and then goes up even more... its called a trend.

Just because a gallon of milk cost $.50 years ago doesn't mean we are going to see milk cost $.50 again.  The stock market bears seem to think we some how have to revisit stock market prices of years ago.

Think of the stock market as real estate.  Are you going to be able to get a house for 1990 prices again?

Stay tuned!! lol

I see so many bearish articles it makes me wonder who is the long the stock market!

And finally ask yourself.  If you've been penning bearish articles the last 10 years how long the market are you today?

Those who have missed out on the last several years of massive market gains... you think those people are buying here today?  Or busy penning bearish stock market articles, hoping prices revisit levels the were selling at years ago in anticipation of a market collapse that never came.


here is that article  btw

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