Paint The Way

Last nights $SPY paint brings back memories of years passed.  Namely December 17, 2014.  On that day over $200 million of $SPY was bought at prices $5 over the offer.  It was akin to walking into a car dealership and saying you want to buy that $180 million car for $20 million more than anyone has ever paid for it before...

Last night someone decided to buy the $SPY for $20 more than the current price.

and at a price that was far more than anyone has ever paid for it before.

Curious indeed.  We've had numerous odd 'paints' and trades throughout this bull market run from 2009.  Most of the odd paints were VIX smacks to the downside coming the second after a FED decision.

The $SPY paint in 2014, came the day after the FED said they would be patient raising rates.


The trading action late in the session on December 17th, 2014,  was not so patient.

And yet that buyer that had an extra $20 million burning a hole in his/her pocket, that decided to buy $SPY at $5 over the offer, and at a price never seen before... a few months later he/she was sitting on some nice gains.  A few years later... even more gains.

A Very Patient Buying Frenzy

Last nights $293.90 paint, may very well be another path clearing act.  Although its small size makes it a lot less suspicious than the $212.97 trade we saw in 2014.  However these odd paints have always ended up being right down the road.


VIX Paints Another New Record Low


and finally this morning, apparantly the paint brush is still wet.

The VIX gets one of its patented paints after the GDP report.

These paints, more often than not get filled in, meaning the VIX is heading to 15's sending the market higher.

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