NetFlix(NFLX) – Banking coin on the calls

Having the guts to buy something when everyone else is selling, can be a very stressful occupation. But when you are right, it can be VERY REWARDING. Take a look at what we said about NetFlix(NFLX) in our chatroom and watchlist Sunday night and Monday:

NFLX – Earnings next week. I think folks have the story wrong with the competition. Expect a ramp to $115-$120 by friday. Play accordingly

04-16 01:36:08 Message jimmybob Option Millionaires Live  NFLX gonna run like a beast soon... ill have my write up maybe later tonight.. still have jet lag
04-16 12:20:23 Message jimmybob Option Millionaires Live opentrade NFLX 110 calls 25 @ .30 avg

Today the stock closed at 107.02, and the $110 calls closed at $.93. Having the guts to go against the grain provided us with a 300% move so far. The real fun begins when NetFllix(NFLX) breaks $110 this week. We have written about Netflix(NFLX) a few times in the past month or so, and think folks have this stock wrong at the moment.
Lets see what tomorrow brings...






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