NetFlix (NFLX) to $90 in the next 2 trading days

Call us crazy, but we think Netflix(NFLX) is headed to 90 this week. It seems all the negative press and headlines have turned from negative to somewhat positive. We have been a Netflix(NFLX) bull for sometime, and have rode calls for huge multibaggers at least 3 times this year. We think this will be the 4th.  Check out two of the calls (HERE) and (HERE).Chart has been melting higher on lower volume. At some point, somewhere around $85-87, shorts are going to start hitting their max pain target and start to cover. Also think Ichan exercising his calls shows how serious he is about the value of NetFlix.

We currently hold 87.50/90 Nov 23rd weekly calls.



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2 thoughts on “NetFlix (NFLX) to $90 in the next 2 trading days”

  1. Looks like it didn’t hit $90. Is there still upside potential in the stock? It has stayed above the $82 resistance.  I personally grabbed a December call on this one, but I will be selling out of it breaks the big $82 resistance area.

  2. Still think it has a 8-12%+ day in her coming soon. Being in ahead of that with calls will = 1000%+ gains. 

    But who knows for sure. Sure got that wrong though..

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