Lessons From A Wolf

The tremendous growth in technology has given almost anyone the ability to make a complete fool of themselves in live for the entire world to see.  Yesterday it was over 14,000 people watching a wolf howl at Apples earnings report.  Odd.... weird.... strange...yet oddly amusing.  Real or fake, yesterdays Wolfman gave us plenty of lessons for today.



  1. Misery loves company.  Fake or not, 14,000+ people tuned in hoping $AAPL would go higher and turn the wolf man into wolf meat.  The youtube chat stream was littered with trolls, stomping verbally beating Wolfman to the core.
  2. Unusual Sells.  If Wolfman did not don the wolf mask, this would have been a live video of some average looking trader periodically sipping on an alleged alcoholic drink.  The visual appeal would have been small.  The wolf mask was the draw.  The potential at a huge gain or a huge loss (fake or real) was the keeper.
  3. Everyone loves a good train wreck.  Any good movie draws the viewers in with possibility of a stunning conclusion.  How was this Wolfman story going to end?  If $AAPL rocketed higher, would Wolfman trash the scene? How would he react?  Ont he flip side had AAPL collapsed what would his celebration have been?
  4. Never put all your eggs in one basket!  The Wolfman had  lost millions of dollars, and was putting all of what was left in $AAPL for a move lower.  It was one last act of desperation.  We could probably see this story unfold with 100's  or even 1,000's of other people, and the ending would almost always be the same.  I'd go further and say if Wolfman had been right, and $AAPL did fall, what are the odds he'd be back again a year from now doing the same thing with what was left from his $AAPL 'win'?
  5. It's All About Me.    Me sells. Live videos of me on the brink of incredible failure sells even more.  Real or fake, the story was covered on Marketwatch.  It had the interest of many people.  It was all about one person.  A man wearing a wolf mask.  I'm not going out on a limb when I say I think we will see more of this.  And I imagine it will also draw thousands of viewers, waiting to see just how it will end.


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