June 13th, 2014 Positions and Market update

What a day, as OPEN provided the fireworks and options  with no bid returned to life.. ie YELP. Days like these do not happen all the time, but sure are fun when they do.. and can make up for days, weeks, and months of futility... or sometimes change someone's life.


Of course, trading options can result in ruining ones life as well, especially trading with money you cannot afford to lose.

PCLN provided some huge opportunities  for downside, while CREE ramped  higher on more rumors. The end of day fade was met with some buyers late in the session, and equities closed solidly green. The best part about this week, was the VIX, that ramped up 13.51%... not sure what the market bears will talk about this weekend. Maybe they will pretend is 2001 and talk about the Middle East and the impending Oil Crisis. Not saying to be naive and ignore all the geopolitical noise, but I am saying take everything you read and hear with a grain of salt. And remember this: with equities melting higher, and most of the market headwinds out of the way, what headlines can catch an audience?

Here are my current positions :

Trade Log 6-13-14

LeeMalone will be hosting a Webinar Tuesday afternoon, you can register here(Gold and Above) : https://www.optionmillionaires.com/webinar-tuesday-june-17th-2014-lowering-cost-long-term-plays-leemalone/

And here is the link for the Week Ahead Webinar for this Sunday: https://www.optionmillionaires.com/live-event-classes-jtv/

And if you missed it, last week, you would have know the OpenTable Buyout was coming :

Have a great weekend!!!

- JB


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