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Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) stock has been under pressure from negative  coverage over pending lawsuits from its Surgical Robot Machines. Despite continued stellar financial performance, the stock has festered under $500, as investors remained skittish from CNBC skeptics like Herb Greenberg (Video), and his so-called Divinci Debate as well as Citron research who prepared two reports (one & two) on why the stock should trade under $300.

Today was the first, in what could be many verdicts, on the 20+ lawsuits pending on Intuitive Surgical(ISRG). Today the Jury voted in favor of Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) and disagreed with the argument that the company was  negligent in training surgeons. With many analysts echoing the same sentiment over the last few weeks, the same that the jurors did today, it's possible todays news could be a catalyst for a new uptrend for the stock, and alleviate the headwinds that have shackled the stock price since March.

We would like you to weigh in on where this news will take the stock on Friday's trading session. Anyone who wishes to participate can earn themselves a free 30 day Diamond Membership at

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