Friday Focus: Goldilocks is Back

Friday Focus for Stock Options Traders at Option Millionaires

A picture perfect jobs report has futures soaring, with the Nasdaq hitting new all time record highs!




Yesterdays abnormal pre-market VIX paint... like all other paints previously, was filled this morning after the  jobs report was released.

The wage inflation everyone was looking for came in below expectations, which is likely to move inflation expectations out even further.

Charles L. Evans, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is out this morning talking down the need to raise rates --->>>


If wage growth remains low despite job growth, fears over a rapid inflationary event should subside... for now.  And without a spike higher in inflation the FED will remain slow to raise interest rates.  Of course the market could do the talking for them.  The 10 year continues to bounce along near multi-year lows and on the cusp of breaking a 40 year trend.

Friday Focus: A Near 40 Year Trend Ready to Break

Today's jobs report poured some water on market fear.  Also last night Trump made a very big announcement with North Korea.

It's a big day for the market.  A lot fo excuses for the market to trade higher... and that is what it's doing today.

The Nasdaq 100 futures are at new record highs.

$QQQ is printing new record highs pre-market.  Everything is awesome again.

The fear from just a few weeks ago is starting to subside.  Could we be setting up for new record highs across the board?   Not many would have said that just two weeks ago.  The market remains resilient.  Two excuses to sell   - inflation, North Korea - have been put on the back burner this morning.  The price action is doing the talking, just as it did every time it rallied off the lows when North Korea fired a test missile.  The market saw this day coming, and right now it is rallying higher telling us fears of inflation and interest rates should wait for another day.  Everything is just right.

See you in the chat room and have a great weekend.

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