Earning Trade Ideas (CAT, CREE, NFLX, BIDU, CROX, DECK) April 22nd – April 26th


Earnings season heats up this week. Last week we had SNDK, EBAY, and GOOG to name a few. This week earnings includes numerous high fliers and some historically volatile reporters, making for an exciting week to be trading stock options. I am going to share some possible trades I will be looking at for this week.

The prices I list are the from the close on Friday. They will more than likely be different at the open and vary throughout the week. But it should give a decent guideline of what I am looking to do with each trade. I will give bias for each stock as well.

BTB = before the bell
ATC = after the close

CAT reports Monday BTB I think the stock will see an initial drop to long term support at 78.35.70 range and then rally. I will be looking at the $80 calls once we hit the lows and will be looking to pay $.60-.70 for them.


$80 calls $.60 - $.65 entry on a drop, bias for the week bullish.


I think it moves higher post er's but the options are pricing in another giant move. My bias is bullish for the stock and if someone wants to sell me the $190 calls for $1.50 I'm in.


I may trade for continued downside. The $48 puts at $.60 should work nicely.


nice bull flag showing possible spike post earnings. I would like the $55 calls at $1.00 if they are kind enough to sell them to me at that price.


over sold on bird flu, I think a pop post earnings and would enjoy the $67.50 calls at $.50 entry if I can.


continuation of an already big move is likely. $90 calls at $.50 currently .65 x .68.


played for downside last two weeks, this time we trade for upside. $65 calls .98 x $1.00 would like to wait it out for $.65 - .70.


$60 may calls for earnings at $.45. I like it for upside post earnings.


$92.50 calls .94 x $1.00, sell them to me for .75 and I'm in.


$16 calls for $.50.

General Option Idea Recap:

I am bullish post earnings on:


I am bearish on:


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