Couple of Trades the Past Two Days

While everyone else is screaming "Up, down, crash, correction, 2011, 2008, 2000, blah,blah,blah",  we are busy taking advantage of the big swings in some of the stocks that have been clamoring for pullbacks. Thats the great thing about options. Despite the fact that most folks are long stocks in a 401k plan or some other investment, we can welcome and trade pullbacks via Put option - just like we have on Friday and today in stocks like Priceline Group(PCLN), Tesla (TSLA), and Baidu (BIDU).

Here is our trade in Baidu(BIDU) on Friday, where the $205 puts went from .22 to $3.69 in less than an hour. Or to put it in perspective, $220 into $3,690:

BIDU 205p


And our trade today, where the Priceline (PCLN) $960 puts went from .75 to $5.38 in an hour. Or to put it into perspective, $750 into $5,380:

PCLN 960 P 10-13-14 1


I called for the S&P to hit 2k in 2014 and it did. I called for a small pullback in the S&P and it did, although it has slid below my target. Where are we headed from here? Stay tuned for an update tomorrow. Earnings season is also upon us and we will issue our first Earnings Playbook tomorrow for Gold members and above. With the current market volatility, it's important to be able to tune out the noise from those trying to get clicks, and tune into those trying to help you traverse the market.

Happy Trading!


JimmyBob (Scott)has been trading equities for over 15 years, a majority of which were OTC micro-cap stocks. He started trading high risk stock options over the past 7 years, and has proven winning trades in excess of 15,000%.

As one of the Co-Founders of, Scott enjoys sharing his knowledge with other investors through timely blog posts, daily watch lists in the forum, weekly webinars, and helpful advice within the chatroom.

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