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7-30-2012 Watchlist

We had some great plays to end an amazing week, and looking forward to another week of earnings plays to go along with a market that may be headed for 4 year highs. There is not many thing you can count on in life... death... taxes... and manipulation from central banks. It seemed like the world was coming to an end the last few weeks, now none of that matters. Continue to focus ont the trade and lets have a great week.


I posted retiredmms watchlist here:


Here are the ones I am watching today:


LNKD - already bought the $120 calls @ .80 on friday. I will probably look to add some $125/$130s so i can lock the $120s in sometime this week. There are MANY differeing views on LNKD earnings thursday, so expect a VOLATILE move. Whether thats up or down. who knows. But you know where I am betting it will go! ~ 🙂


PCLN - Every time a stock runs up $55+ in a day, folks start looking for puts. Pricelines move friday was an indication to me that folks had the stock and the sector wrong. I think PCLN continues to move on over zealous buying and breaks $700 today. I then think it will ramp to $740 this week. I maybe wrong, but these are the type of moves that make a few hundred into a few thousand. I have the $725 calls right now and may add more if there is any weakness.


AMZN - Again, this stock is one of those that make folks scratch their head. Why was it up after a poor earnings report thursday? Heck, they are making less profit and have an INSANE PE ratio! Again, all about growth and I think this stock is headed to $250+ this weak before any pullback. Closed near HOD on friday and I think $242+ comes today. I already have $255 weekly and will add some $245/250s after the open.


Stocks for earnings: FLS after the close : STX after the close


Like FLS for some calls, will post strikes in chat. Unsure of STX but think it will be volatile.


Thats all for now, lets have a great week!!!

Jimmybob $2k CHALLENGE – MIRROR TRADES – Starts AUGUST 6th

Want to be able to trade when i trade? In January I was able to turn $600 into $50k+, then $2000 into $200k. That does not mean it can happen again or everyday, but history does tend to repeat itself.

Will it happen again in August? Well if the market rallies like I think it will, it may be a possibility. Here is your chance to trade like I trade. I will have a account where you can get real time trade info, as well as possible mirror trades. Still working out the details but all will be ready to go by August 6th.

Somethings you need to know before hand.

  1. You need to be a diamond member to have access to my trades in real time( I will still post in chat like I do now for gold members)
  2. You need to pay attention to your inbox sometime before Wednesday for more info.
  3. You need to be ready to rock on Monday August 6th.

I am not a registered investment advisor. I do not recommend stocks or give investment advice. I do post my trades and ideas for subscribers to see. If you participate in the $2k challenge you need to expect to lose ALL your money. It can and MAY happen. If I was that good of a trader I would be on an island having some drinks while my high frequency trade programs were scalping .01 every millisecond on some dark pool.

It is also quite possible you make MONEY! I will have more in the next few days so STAY TUNED!!!

Expedia (EXPE) – The Middle Class

We wrote about Expedia (EXPE) in April after earnings. With a solid earnings beat the stock rose from the low $30s to the mid $40s in two trading sessions. An astonishing move that was replayed by TripAdvisor (TRIP) a few days later. Online travel companies have been the talk of the town this past year, and (PCLN) has been the talk of the town the past 2 years.

With the Eurozone fiasco, traders and analysts started to bet on some headwinds for these companies, and TripAdvisor (TRIP) sure gave folks a reason to sell with a wide miss in earnings on Tuesday. Were the analysts right? It looked that way as the other stalwarts were taken down on large volume Wednesday. But did TripAdvisor's (TRIP) earnings report truly tell the story? We wrote about it quickly in our chatroom on Thursday that the results from TripAdvisors(TRIP) painted a story about the companies strategy and was not a true reflection of the online travel business.

Those thoughts were confirmed when Expedia(EXPE) posted a large beat in earnings after-hours thursday. The stock surged over 14% after hours. One would think this will translate into a large move in tomorrow, as the analysts and traders start jumping back in on a missed trade.

With (PCLN) earnings not slated until August 7th, there will be plenty of time to position for a move into the $800s. More to come on the Online Travel Sector in the next few days.


Travelzoo, Inc (TZOO)


It has been a little more then a  year ago that Travelzoo, Inc (TZOO) hit 103.80 after a great earnings report. Over the next 13 months, the stock has lost nearly 80% of it's value on concerns over it's business and margins. Folks betting on a bounce over that period, lost their ass while those shorting the stock were rewarded.

There have been constant rumors of a buyout of Travelzoo, Inc (TZOO) and that has helped keep a floor on the share price. Yesterday Travelzoo, Inc (TZOO) hit a 52 week low of $20.68. Is that the bottom? Time will tell, but the key word is time. Timing a bottom on a stock can be one of the hardest things to do, but if you play it right, you can make some serious money on the calls or puts.

With earnings tomorrow for Travelzoo, Inc (TZOO), we think the bottom is in, and we will see some violent upside over the next few days. We are currently positioned with $22.50 and $25 calls.

July 18th, 2012 Watchlist – WYNN, CMG, BIDU, LNKD, IMAX, VMW

Big Ben did no disappoint yesterday, as the market sold off on his remarks, only to ramp up the rest of the day and finish solid green. The market is still struggling to find direction as worries shift to the US economy. Housing starts were up in June, and now we wait on Big Bens second day, where folks are betting we get some sort of update on QE. Good thing Earnings season is under way, so we don’t have to bank on his remarks!


WYNN reported last night, and the numbers were disappointing. Headlines don’t always tell the story, and i think the stocks current price understates the companies value and future growth. My gut says the stock rallies a bit today, but probably not enough this week to salvage my 105 calls. Will look for 100 calls sometime at open if i like what i see.

BIDU SINA – china stocks looked extremely weak yesterday, and folks used the ‘weakening’ china economy as the catalyst for the sell-off. China’s hard landing has been a story for sometime, so don’t see how it caused the panic sell-off we had on BIDU yesterday. BIDU is red pm so may look to add to my puts with some 100/95 puts at open. Will wait and see at open.

CMG – my gut says she moves 7-10% on earnings. Options are pricey but finally the 440 calls looks somewhat valued. Will look to grab some @ .60 or so, and hopefully sell half before the close thursday before earnings. I will have a write up on the stock sometime tonight.

Here is SGRAYs watchlist :

Obviously some other plays to watch today:



Lets have a great day!!