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9-10 Watchlist


Everyone is talking about the big news about QE3 coming thursday. As long as there is an announcement about extending the date for low rates AND some type of unorthodox easing program, i think the market continues to rally. Hopefully it is slow and steady ūüôā which will provide an environment for certain stocks to continue MULTI-DAY runs... those are the types that have the better odds a of returning huge gains.

On watch today:

SODA - Liked her at the start of the year and the story is even better now then before. Still a large short position and looks like folks have lost interest last few weeks, which means CHEAP CALLS. $40 calls @ .35/.40 looks like the play. Tight bollinger bands means impending break possibly coming.

WYNN - always on my watchlist and the real MACAU rev numbers for august came out. 2nd best month on record but still slow growth. I think WYNN looks to push over $110 this week and will play accordingly with $110 calls @ .33 or so. Playing WYNN recently has gotten me burned, but will take one big move to make up for it and then some. Think this maybe the week...

AIG - bought some calls last week that didnt pan out. The govt is selling $18 billion in shares from its stake and will become a minority shareholder. AIG selling off PM but i think this will turn today and head towards the $35 strike... Will look for some lotto calls at open.

Others on watch today: SLV, AGQ, GLD, AAPL, PCLN, LNKD, NFLX, SINA, BIDU -

Please check out UPB's look ahead from last night:

Was a great class last night.

Hope to see everyone in chat and lets have a great week!!


- Jimmybob

Site Upgrades


Just wanted to let folks know that we are always looking to improve the site and appreciate all the feedback we receive to make it happen. We are implementing a new chat room service over the next few days that will alleviate all the issues folks have been having the past few months with JAVA. The new chatroom will also have some more bells and whistles. Stay tuned for more details in the days ahead!!

We have also implemented a new TEXT alert service that replaces the old antiquated one. Check it out here :

Lets have a great week folks!!!

- Jimmybob

9-7 Watchlist

It seems like just yesterday when the world thought Europe's financial system was going to collapse on the weight of its severe debt issues. We posted this in june : . Fast forward 3 months and we are now over 4 year  highs. Amazing! Are we better off now? Hard to say, but i guess the market thinks we are.

We had the August job numbers this morning. Unemployment dropped to 8.1% but less jobs were created then expected. Either way I think we ramp on these numbers. We are in a HEADS Bulls win TAILS bears lose environment.

I think we have some laggards follow through today, although I wouldnt call a 1%+ move being a laggard, but they did trail the indices. AAPL and PCLN are both on my early morning lotto radar for some calls today. PCLN was upgraded to buy and should see a 3-5%+ move. AAPL needs to break $680, then i think it flies to $690... Will look for $625/630 calls on PCLN and $685/690 on AAPL - PURE LOTTO PLAYS!

Others on watch today : CRM for the 150 break.

Still holding CMG calls and will add $310 calls on $305 break for lotto.

ISRG is another lotto. Will watch $500 calls for lotto.


Thats all for now. Lets finish the week GREEN!!!


- JImmybob

9-5-2012 Morning Watchlist

We started off the month of September with a down day, but not as well off the lows. Today looks like another weak start, but seems to be like we get our footing and start looking to string some green days together. Seems the possibility of the ECB providing unlimited support to bonds helped stave off the negative news of Fedex lowering it's guidance.

We shall see how today plays out, here is what I am watching.

SINA/BIDU broke out yesterday. Had them on watch yesterday from the rumor of possible negative coverage by Muddy Waters. Turns out that was wrong and both stocks rallied. SINA also seemed to rally on a departure of one of its directors. Still think BIDU is headed over $118 short term and holding the $120 calls.

LNKD upgraded by Jefferies yesterday after the bell from $96 to $142. Seems Analysts starting to see what I have seen for months... a stock that should be $130-$150 by now. Today maybe the day it closes over $110. $115 calls maybe a nice play.

The rest of the market looks somewhat boring here PM besides FB, which I will not play.

Other stocks on watch : PCLN, AMZN, AGQ, NFLX, AIG, and FSLR.

Keep an eye on chat and lets have a GREEN day!


- Jimmy


Baidu (BIDU) – Bounce?

With the majority of earnings behind us, it can become challenging to find some volatile plays to make some money on. Pick the wrong trade and you will watch your premium erode. Finding stocks at the top or the bottom of a trend can be the best way to bank some coin.

Baidu (BIDU) fell over the past two weeks from possible competition for it's 80% share in the China Internet Search market. Qihoo 360Technology Inc. (QIHU) announced it was launching its own search engine, and analysts have estimated it could capture nearly 10% of the market shares in just 6 months, causing the decline in shares of Baidu (BIDU).

It looks like Baidu (BIDU) found a bottom at $111 last week, and is starting to bounce. We like the 50DMA and 200DMA as possible resistance points on the way up. We still like the Baidu (BIDU) story and hold the weekly $120 calls @ .25.