Apple – Ready To Bounce In Near Term

By Chris Diodato

Every market technician saw it, and every technician raved about it, as Apple, the darling stock of the world, formed a bearish head and shoulders top.  The breakdown began last Friday, as the market leader pierced through the bottom of the major support level at $655.

Yes, the target is down at $600, but very often, this pattern will pull back, shaking out weak sellers.  With bullish divergences in the RSI right now, and a very bullish candlestick pattern, it looks like it is ready to do just this.

And in the daily chart, you can see the candlestick pattern, known as a hammer.  This is a signal that demand has once again stepped in and has taken control in the market.  It's a short term pattern with short term implications.

I have the target in this chart at around $655.37.  The time target would be around October 12, which conflicts with my October 23rd top prediction.  Therefore, I suggest to use $655.37 as a "minimum target" for trading purposes.  The second target would be at $674.62

Now remember, these are just my thoughts for the short term.  With the breakage of the head and shoulders pattern last week, the active target is $600.  That's the longer term target.  Here, I am just trying to forecast the fluctuations until that point.

Happy trading!

~Chris Diodato

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