$AMaZiNg Options

I had a bullish bias heading into the ECB this morning.  A little birdy on my shoulder was telling me to buy calls in $AMZN yesterday and I bought a dart throwing monkey who just happened to hit $AMZN as well.    It's just dumb luck.  The same luck that told us to be call buyers in this market while everyone else has been busy fighting the upside.


Yesterday I bought the $312.50 $AMZN weekly calls for $.84 and the $317.50 $AMZN calls for $.21.


This morning in the chat room, via live audio, I commented on the $AMZN $317.50 strike when they were still at $.35, noting the 50% gain yet $AMZN was only up .4%.  "Something is up.  Looks like option traders are getting in for a push higher".  $19 of upside later  those $.35 calls were trading for over $10.00 each.  My entry from yesterday was a 50 bagger at todays highs.  Here is one shot intra-day

and another later:

On a relative basis that is $210 into over $10,000 from my entry to the high.  The $AMZN move was not the norm.   A 50 bagger does not occur on a daily basis, but we are barely halfway through the year, and this is the second massive mover in 2014 after $NUS options from $.60 to $60.


It did help that $AMZN announced a secret event after the bell yesterday.  Perhaps the option gods were smiling down from above.... or just another act of pure luck.

My $FIVE call from earlier this week bombed, but my $GS calls and $X calls did well.  The luck thing doesn't work 100% of the time.....

Either way, options offer the chance to reap significant returns while risking a small amount of capital.  Let me be 100% clear, you can lose your entire investment trading out of the money stock options, but you can also turn a small investment into a large one very quickly... all you need is a whole bunch of luck.  Of course when our luck runs out.... oh boy.

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