Updates from the Webmaster

Hi. I'm vantillian. I am honored to be the lead webmaster of OptionMillionaires.com.

It is my duty to:

1. Ensure that the services we offer work consistently, smoothly, and easily for all members

2. Listen carefully to members for new ideas, tweaks, tips, wisdom, etc.

3. Encourage growth in our web community

That being said, I have created "The Van Man's Corner" in hopes to help achieve these goals. This new corner resides on our FORUMS. Login and stop by my new pad! :-)

You can SUGGEST new site features, improvements, ideas, and services.

You can REPORT bugs n' such, issues with chat, and other beefs.

And you can LEND A HAND by exploring ways you can help our option trader community stay healthy and growing.

Speaking of forums, we just finished a major upgrade to our forum engine. I want to encourage you to explore our forums, engage other members, and take advantage of the cool forum tools like RSS, topic-watching, and receiving automated emails whenever a topic/group of your choice gets updated. Cool stuff, for sure!

Our big, overarching goal is to become the #1 destination on the web for active option traders, option daytraders, and option investors. I do hope you'll stick with us for the ride and even help direct us to this exciting destination.

If you want to reach me privately you can always email me directly at my personal email.

I'm here to serve you!

-- vantillian

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