$TWTR: Twitter Contest Final Entries


Good luck to all that submitted their prognostications, because a wide range of prices certainly exist. We have a price as low as $20 and one as high as $50. Clearly, the range of opinions on the $TWTR IPO is wide and deep, as are the predictions for where this stock is heading into the week's end.

Below, the full list of entries:

$20.00 Anne Hoover
$22.75 Stock Guy777
$26.50 jcny
$27.00 scott8110
$28.77 Legato
$29.50 Teodor Dornea
$29.56 don herald
$29.80 dominik2
$29.96 bigsug
$29.97 Mister Dude
$30.06 BidAskChemE
$31.89 Mr Hart
$33.03 tgreek
$33.16 ItsMyOption
$33.35 SupaMario910
$33.60 Stratys
$33.70 cent
$34.00 Hcotton
$34.74 bfall
$35.00 StonedSheep
$35.35 MaxShockeR
$35.70 StockPrez
$35.91 ComeXOilTrader
$36.25 crusher23
$36.35 Phull1
$36.50 Tim Saucier
$36.77 Raphael De La Ghetto
$37.00 vivek jain
$37.28 beaner85
$37.37 Carlito
$37.41 tdgnts
$37.42 smittygoodcall
$37.50 hello1
$37.65 Ameyad
$37.74 frank belluardo
$37.74 frankb325
$37.80 pandamania
$38.08 fiancerino
$38.25 TrendVestor
$38.58 pintsize
$38.89 penny to dollar
$39.22 Steve Kuzj
$39.40 SamAdams
$40.00 stutz7
$40.09 NFLFan
$40.22 Y U Axing Me
$41.41 azco_com
$41.50 konantroutman
$42.17 Defianttrader
$42.25 AzInvestor
$42.42 bowler300
$42.50 Mousse
$43.00 Cameron Glinton
$43.34 Skizellbiscuits
$43.43 life43
$43.50 Big4man
$45.12 Kevin
$45.50 adel
$46.00 aetvb
$50.00 Fossil-Fuel

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