Short Term, Natural Gas Ready To Explode (Up!)

Yes, pun intended.

Back in 2012, I mentioned in some other videos that natural gas and notable natural gas companies (I.E. CHK) were exhibiting signs in volume and price most often seen at bottoms.  That is, as declines carry on, price suddenly stalls and volume rises dramatically.  In general, that is seen as investor and institutional accumulation.

On Friday, UNG (natural gas ETF) and BOIL  (2x leveraged ETF) rose 4.51% and 9.17%, respectively.  Sure, this volatility is not for those faint of heart, but moves like this, started on high volume, are often followed by swift rises.  My targets for UNG and BOIl are 15% and 30% above their current levels.  Still, I recommend using a pyramiding strategy to enter the trade.  Here’s the video with the analysis.

UNG 4 7 12

Happy trading!

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