FOSL (Fossil, Inc)

How do you make money in this market?? You find stocks that are undervalued and you buy them. Better yet, find stocks that Jim Cramer says "Stay Away", and buy calls on them. We did that on PCLN at $445, and we did that with FOSL(Fossil, Inc) this morning. It must have been Jim Cramer, and his "Stay Away" team, that provided the fuel for the FOSL rocket ship today. You can say the shorts sure know how to put a smile on our faces.

This is what we said about the FOSL(Fossil, Inc) this morning:

FOSL – had earnings that missed expectation on the revenue side. Maybe a nice bounce play with premiums. May look at some $110 calls

Those calls were grabbed in earnest by out chatroom. Those options exploded from .10, to close at 10.60. Imagine buying a stock at .10 and closing at $10.60 a few hours later. Thats pretty much what our members did($100 into $10,600!).

Plays like these don't happen everyday, but when they do, they make your year.

Once again, thank you Cramer for bringing this to our attention.

We salute you!



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